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Utilize Your Warehouse Space with Morgan's Inventory on Demand™

Fighting for your warehouse storage space? Morgan's Inventory on Demand takes the pressure of owning inventory off your shoulders.  

October 05, 2022// It's no secret that inventory space is valuable. As warehouses in the United States begin to fill to prep for peak season, it's no wonder that smaller companies are getting trampled in their bidding for space as large retailers step into the game.

Logistics and real-estate specialists say that many large retailers are demanding extra room to  store excess inventories. This large buyout begins raising the costs for storage space across the board, as storage warehouses are choosing the customers who are willing to pay higher prices for increasingly scarce storage space.  Particularly this is being shown in hot logistics areas near major ports such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York, New Jersey, and Savannah, Ga. 

So what does this mean for the little guy? If warehouse operators are giving them the boot and displacing their products to the highest bidder then these firms are going to need to find a more sustainable solution.

Enter Morgan. Our inventory management programs take the stress of trying to bid for warehouse space off your shoulders. Inventory On Demand™ lets you buy your goods in bulk without having to pay for the excess warehouse storage space. Morgan will retain all ownership of your goods until the exact moment you need them.

We take our expertise one step further by helping you source strategically, taking advance of bulk buying without incurring the costs and risks of holding that inventory.

When you don't have to worry about the costs of owning your goods, you can make better transportation and logistic decisions. We identify areas where Inventory On Demand™ can optimize your shipments and help you achieve a cheaper and more sustainable supply chain buffer against spikes in demand, and unlock additional carrier efficiencies. Our approach to customized transportation networks means you can build a network that is entirely built around your unique needs.

Morgan monitoring and managing your inventory means you can focus on the bigger picture: running your organization. Reach out to our team today to get started on your customized approach to managing inventory.

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