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For more than 30 years, Morgan has been inventing the future of the supply chain with custom-tailored transportation networks, first-of-their-kind inventory management and procurement solutions, and visibility technology from pickup to payment. Here are some examples of the difference we have made in the world’s most demanding manufacturing supply chains. 

“By delaying the use of integrator carriers until the ‘last mile’ of a package’s journey to the end customer, we brought tremendous cost savings to our client, a high-tech manufacturer. Our solution created lower export charges and fewer fees, contracting their fulfillment budget by one third.” John Hoyt D.W. Morgan
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Morgan’s Custom-Tailoring Process Slashes Fulfillment Budgets

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“We helped our client track the location of all their finished goods and allowed them to own their inventory for less than a day before selling it. With Inventory on Demand, our client made significant improvements in transportation costs, supply chain logistics, and inventory visibility.” Eric Sprague D.W. Morgan
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Morgan’s Inventory on Demand® Saves Millions of Dollars

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“We cut our client’s overall trips by more than a quarter, and the ensuing reduction in empty truck space amounted to more than one third fewer empty kilometers.” Florence Leong D.W. Morgan
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Morgan Tightens Networks With Smart Consolidation

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“Our existing custom freight lane between Texas and Arizona was the perfect solution for our client, a Fortune 50 electronics manufacturer in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25. In addition to consolidating over 70 percent of their westbound shipments, we discovered for them a new backhaul opportunity from Los Angeles.” Pam Peglar D.W. Morgan
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Morgan Maximizes Space and Minimizes LTL Shipments

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