A new kind of supply chain control tower

Visibility, Analytics and Execution: Discover the power of AI plus human intelligence.

Combining leading software with human savvy

When was the last time that enterprise software solved your operational and strategic planning needs all by itself? At Morgan, we recognize that better people drive better results. Our global team of supply chain experts, combined with leading visibility and analytics technology, delivers "Day One" results.

Step-by-Step Approach

Building Your Custom-Tailored Control Tower

Every supply chain has unique challenges. Our approach delivers uniquely effective control towers. The Morgan team has decades of experience in supply chain management, and we know how to use technology to solve complex problems and make your supply hum with efficiency from your implementation's first day.

The Foundation
We start with superior technology. Flexship, powered by ChronosCloud, saves you time with real-time updates on transactions and allows for more effective collaboration between your operations teams. ChronosCloud
Our Team:
The Infrastructure
The Morgan team builds on that tech with supply chain engineers and transportation experts who have the experience and know-how to manage daily transportation and identify improvement opportunities.
Our Solution:
The Control Tower
Morgan's custom-tailored approach creates control towers with both "Day One" impact and long-term value. We believe in running faster, better and smarter.

What Sets Morgan Control Towers Apart

Our control tower solution is powered by people, and built on smart visibility technology, real time data analytics, and predictive modeling.

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Other Providers

  • One-size-fits-all approaches that don't match your carrier network and needs
  • Expensive, hard-to-implement software that doesn't deliver on its promises
  • Pre-configured formulas that fail to address your unique operational challenges
  • Little human expertise or management, leaving you to troubleshoot operations on your own
  • Limited range of services with no integration of transportation and carrier management