Our Approach

The Custom Tailored Control Tower

Morgan’s customized approach, which drives our transportation and inventory services, also helps to redefine the value of a supply chain control tower.

Go Beyond “Software Only” Solutions

Existing, software-based control tower solutions improve visibility across your network and automate transportation and fulfillment procedures. But when was the last time a generalized piece of software completely solved both your daily operational needs and strategic planning?

Morgan’s custom-tailored approach goes further, with smart technology, a smart global monitoring team and the services you need to supplement your own network.


How Morgan Reinvents Control Tower Visibility

Morgan’s personalized approach to control towers goes beyond software, by combining customer-specific technology solutions with a global team of supply chain experts to monitor, manage and continuously improve the network.

What Sets Us Apart

Discover what makes Morgan the right choice as a strategic control tower partner.

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Other Control Tower Providers

  • Expensive, hard-to-deploy software-based systems that provide limited visibility.
  • Pre-configured algorithms to predict responses for various supply chain scenarios.
  • Lack of human expertise and monitoring.
  • No integration of transportation or carrier management (4PL) services.