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Building A Better Pharmaceutical Control Tower

Pharmaceutical manufacturers building supply chain control towers need a lot more than just a piece of software. Discover a new approach that combines people and data-driven processes.

For pharma manufacturers, there’s never been a better time to build a great supply chain. Over the past decade, suppliers and carriers have developed much better visibility tools and tracking. 

Real-time sensors, such as Internet of Things (IoT) tags provide immediate awareness of temperature, humidity, shock, light exposure and other conditions in transit. And, software-based control towers help automate responses to notifications and exceptions.

Even in this sea of information, there are still a few missing pieces. When was the last time data and software completely solved your daily operational needs and strategic planning?

Industry leaders must find ways to normalize and stitch all that data together meaningfully, gather the right insights and act on them—even when unprecedented situations appear. In other words, it takes superior software and better human expertise to maximize performance.

  • DATA Our ChronosCloud platform—the industry’s first complete “pickup to payment” solution—augments and fills in the gaps in your existing visibility.
  • PEOPLE Our 24/7 team is what brings our towers to life. Our supply engineers are transportation experts who can spot areas of opportunity to save your bottom line.
  • PROCESS We help you monitor and manage your supply chain for maximum efficiency every step of the way

Deeper Understanding Starts Here

Discover the ways Morgan’s Custom Tailored Control Towers can help you get deeper visibility into your supply chain process with:

  • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY Our ChronosCloud platform integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and transportation management system (TMS) software
  • FASTER + CHEAPER = BETTER The best solution is one that works right away.
  • ON TARGET FOR EACH PHARMA CLIENT No two supply chains are identical, so why settle for an out-of-the-box solution?
  • A WORLD-CLASS TEAM AT YOUR FINGERTIPS With the right visibility in place, Morgan applies customer-specific technology solutions and human processes to monitor, manage and improve your network

Why Morgan’s Custom Tailored Approach Is The Right Choice

By sorting and consolidating the client’s goods from their origin in Asia, and postponing the use of parcel services to ship those goods to U.S. customers, Morgan shaved almost one third off of the client’s shipping budget.

When you rely on Morgan, you’re partnering with the trusted, award-winning partner for the world’s most respected supply chains. Current clients include two of Gartner’s “Supply Chain Top 10” enterprises. Our strategic insights, flexible technology and operational excellence allow manufacturers to keep their goods flowing to the right place at the righttime, every time—in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Download case study.

Find Out How We Can Help You Your supply chain is as unique as your fingerprint. It calls for a unique solution that fits your enterprise’s exact needs. If you’re curious to see what Morgan can do for you, drop us a line anytime. Consultations are free.

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