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Accelerated Inventory

Strategic sourcing and availability are the new priorities in manufacturing supply chains. Morgan’s Inventory On Demand™ inventory management platform helps clients go beyond just-in-time thinking to achieve those goals.

Does Inventory Cost Keep You From Making Good Decisions?

What if you didn't have to worry about the cost of inventory?

You could take advantage of strategic sourcing to buy goods in bulk and then keep them where they’ll be needed in the future. And, you’d unlock the ability to consolidate shipments, regionalize distribution, and shift to cheaper, more sustainable modes of transportation.

Morgan pioneered outsourced inventory ownership with its Inventory On Demand™ service and supply chain finance tools. Find out what our capabilities mean for you.

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How Morgan Accelerates Inventory

We partner with you to help you discover how to minimize and postpone your inventory ownership. We then share our expertise to provide you with the best inventory holding practices, enable inventory reductions, and increase cost savings. Morgan focuses on discovering these opportunities:

What Sets Us Apart

Discover what makes Morgan the right choice as a strategic transportation and supply chain partner.

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Fixed Transportation Networks

  • Standardized networks without personalization
  • Legacy tools and lack of cross-partner technology
  • Lack of inventory management. A reliance on buffering and just-in-time methods
  • Segmented cost optimization
  • Customers feel the pain of every gap and bump in your supply chain