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U.S. Shipping Backups Shift to East Coast and Gulf Coast Ports

Global shipping delays aren't going away anytime soon. Morgan can help keep your supply chain optimized and your shipments running smoothly with visibility in our Customized Control Towers.

Unfortunately, shipping delays aren't going away anytime soon. According to anew report by the Wall Street Journal, dozens of containers have been backed up in ports across New York, Houston, and Savannah, Ga., even though the lineup of ships waiting to port at Los Angeles and Long Beach has finally dwindled into something more manageable. 

Why this demand for inbound cargo? Surging demands for retail inventory by customers can be the cause of swamped landside shipments, which in turn strain storage capacity and the availability of container-handling equipment. It's not easy on the workers, either, as all of these access shipments cause strain on manpower.

While Lori Fellmer, chair of the ocean committee for the National Industrial Transportation League, comments that these delays and tight packing are "a horror show," Morgan has the solutions that will counterbalance these frustrating delays in shipments.

Morgan's Custom-Tailored Control Tower provides deep visibility into your network and lets you know when shipments are going to be delayed. This software-based solution provides automatic updates on your transportation and fulfillment procedures so you don't have to go digging for the cause of what happened when a shipment doesn't arrive on time. 

Going further than a normal Control Tower, Morgan's approach combines personalized technology solutions with a team of global supply chain experts to monitor your shipments and update you when there is a holdup. Our ChronosCloud platform fills the gap in your visibility in your existing system and provides automated management to your supply chain. 

The world-class team is what really brings this tech to life, because not even the best technology can catch every subtlety of supply chains. This combination of powerful technology plus a customer service team who really cares makes Morgan's solutions stand out in the crowd.

If running into delays is a common occurrence, Morgan's experts can help you strategically source your inventory and go beyond just-in-time thinking. With our Inventory on Demand™ services, you don't need to worry about owning your inventory or waiting on suppliers. Morgan will take ownership of your inventory and provide it to you exactly when you need it to eliminate delays and storage headaches. 

But our services that solve carrier issues don't stop there. Morgan's experts will audit your carrier network and rework your infrastructure so that these delays will be mitigated for maximum efficiency. Unlike other partners, we work with your existing network to make the most out of the partnerships that you already have. However, we can also outsource our own network to bridge new relationships with carriers to create a stronger infrastructure.

Ready to say goodbye to shipping delay headaches and improve your visibility? Reach out to our team of experts to get started on building your optimal supply chain network.

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