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Rethinking Data to Boost Supply Chain Visibility

Discover how Morgan's custom-tailored solutions can give you real-time data visibility in the face of global shipping delays.

Modern global supply chains demand efficiency in their network monitoring. Because these supply chains are so complex, even simple mistakes can lead to long delays or misread shipments.

Because of this issue, businesses across the globe have now recognized the key role that visibility into your data can play. Big Data can bring together suppliers and carriers to focus on supply chain optimization and utilize information gathered from different areas of the operation to create one smooth workflow. This kind of data can include:

  • Warehouse data
  • Production data
  • Logistics data
  • Financial data
  • Demand data

Having this real-time look into your active shipments can tell you a lot about what is going on internally. As we are seeing consistent delays in global supply chains that are still suffering from the upending of COVID-19, real-time data can eliminate these oversights and help safeguard supply chains from these challenges. 

According to Forbes, 51% of supply chains use AI and predictive analytics to capture real-time data insights, as opposed to the 49% of supply chain leaders who do this manually. So, there is a lot to be said about securing a data-accurate program for your business.

Gain data visibility with Morgan

When your supply chain is complex, you need a partner who can help you manage it smoothly and accurately. Morgan's experts are well equipped in supply chain optimization, which at its core is about reducing waste in your system and helping you utilize your existing supply chain. Outdated logistic systems can clutter up your network and make it difficult to see the area you need to change for visibility.

Morgan's experts lend a helping hand by auditing your existing system to search for any inconsistencies or areas where your supply chain can be optimized. Then, once we have determined any areas in your network that can be better optimized, we will work with you to provide exactly what you need to set up success in your deliveries.

Our customized approach to technology will drive transportation and inventory services, and assist in clients redefining their supply chains. Our custom-tailored control towers go beyond software-only solutions, giving you full visibility across your network and automating your transportation and fulfillment procedures. With this key technology, globally monitoring your network to receive real-time data is a game changer.

To learn more about how Morgan reinvents the way you receive real-time supply chain data, contact our team today.

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