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Big Data's Giant Role in Supply Chain Optimization

Big Data plays a massive role in logistics and supply chain optimization, increasing the volume, variety, and velocity of data available to organizations.

The tidal wave that is Big Data continues to crest, washing over industries from flowers to heavy equipment. The volume, variety, and velocity of high-quality information have all shot up to 11 since the Big Data movement began transforming the business landscape, calling on suppliers and carriers to focus on supply chain optimization. Different data types from multiple sources must be integrated and interpreted instantly for operations to run smoothly, such as:

  • Warehouse data
  • Production data
  • Logistics data
  • Financial data
  • Demand data

Managing the deluge of info that your enterprise can use has become ever more challenging. But it's also opened doors to effective supply chain optimization. By leveraging the opportunities that Big Data brings to the table, you can scale up your operation by improving how your supply chain functions.

How event-driven architecture helps build supply chains

When event-driven architecture (EDA) came to system design, the old way of managing supply chains fell by the wayside. Traditional architecture soon proved its uselessness compared to the new, cloud-native software that inputs, processes, stores, and responds to data as it's generated in real time. Today, a well-functioning supply chain cannot exist without EDA. Having event-driven data at your fingertips makes for an accelerated process, forcing you to make quicker decisions and ultimately tightening your system.

By synthesizing loads of various data from divergent sources and instantly serving it up in a user-friendly interface, EDA presents eye-opening capabilities in supply chain optimization. However, EDA has its drawbacks. Its complexity of engineering gives rise to inconsistencies in behavior and the need for third-party tools, complicating the user experience. To maximize the value of your data, you'll want to find a trusted partner who can integrate all of your streams, including those from EDA systems.

Real-time data sharing guides supply chain optimization 

If you're missing a critical piece of information at the wrong moment, no matter how brief, your entire supply chain can break. This is truer now than it's ever been before as container ships line up by the hundreds at key ports, straining infrastructure and cutting margins across networks. Having a pool of processed data to be shared with your network as it happens is essential to optimizing your supply chain and, ultimately, growing your organization.

The rapid flows of intelligence made possible by Big Data offer businesses a chance to streamline their operations, within and without supply chains. Real-time data sharing allows for priceless insight into demand, enhanced planning capabilities, and more satisfying customer experiences. Such volumes of data can stifle progress, however, without the power to wield it effectively. Your software solutions should be equipped to handle geysers of data, and partnering with a reliable name in supply chain optimization provides added support.

Use data influx to strengthen your bottom line

Supply chain optimization, like many things, is about reducing waste. Outdated logistics systems will not survive the aftermath of Big Data, just as mobile technology has ushered out telephone booths. Heavy data streams can now be harnessed and employed to pinpoint inefficiencies and trim the fat from your organization. Running a tighter ship, in turn, will widen your margins and empower you to increase investment where you need it.

The impressive volume of relevant data that's available to all points on a given supply chain is too much for most companies to take full advantage of. As your business grows, the greater access that you'll have to real-time information can broaden your horizons. It could also short-circuit your system if the influx overwhelms your ability to act at once. Having a partner who can manage your data is a wise measure during these times of increasing uncertainty.

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