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Managing Changing Global Supply Networks In 2023

In the face of shifting supply chains, it’s more important now than ever to have a customized approach. See how Morgan can help you prepare for the new year.

It’s going to be harder to run a global supply chain in 2023.

Not so long ago, much of the world’s high-value, outsourced manufacturing centered in China with exports through a handful of major port cities, such as Shanghai and Hong Kong. In itself, this was a step up in complexity from in-house production. Yet, with countless suppliers near factories and a relatively streamlined transportation network for exports, it was a manageable system.

Not so much anymore. As Geodis CEO Marie-Christine Lombard recently told the Wall Street Journal, “The supply chain used to be quite seamless and fluid. But it’s no longer smooth. It goes up and down. The world order has a huge impact on the supply chain and its stability.

“Globalization is changing,” she said. “At some point, every company was going to China to manufacture goods. Now companies are asking themselves, ‘Should I remain dependent on China’ or on any single country?”

As shippers increasingly answer “no” to that question, complexity is spiraling. Multiple manufacturing regions, suppliers no longer tied to a manufacturing region, and transportation networks with countless new origin-destination pairings and routing schedules.

The new global supply chain isn’t going to be a go-it-alone management adventure. Shippers are going to need better tools and more help. That’s where Morgan can make the difference. 

Here are some steps to future-proof your supply chain in the midst of change and complexity:

  • Consider the ways you can custom-tailor your transportation network to align more closely with your organization’s specific needs. Now more than ever, every supply chain is unique. So, one-size-fits-all approaches can compromise visibility, availability and quality of service. Our eBook, What Is Custom Tailored Transportation, can help as your team builds an action plan.
  • Build better controls over complex transportation networks with a custom-tailored control tower. Morgan has the tech tools and a team of global experts to help you go beyond software-only approaches to managing model supply chain movement.
  • Ensure that your operations are running at peak efficiency with our special supply chain guide.

Of course, we would be happy to learn more about your specific transportation goals and challenges. Contact our team anytime for a free consultation. We’re excited to start building your future. 

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