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Avoid Warehouse Inventory Overstocking During A Muted Peak Season

Don't let your inventory sit on shelves this holiday season. Learn how Morgan's Inventory on Demand™ combats overstocking through outsourced inventory.

November 8th, 2022// Supply chain companies are preparing for what executives are calling a muted peak season. Large retailers and manufacturers alike are seeing lower demand for shipping across multiple U.S. shipping markets.

Several large operations say they are seeing freight demand slow instead of pick up as businesses move into the upcoming holiday season, which is typically the busiest period of the year for carriers. According to David Yeager, chief executive of Hub Group Inc., this could stem from the softening economy.

Retailers are getting hit particularly hard by this. To prepare for unexpected supply chain delays, some retailers purchased large amounts of stock. Now all that inventory is sitting on their shelves with the potential not to be sold without customer demand.

With Morgan, managing goods can be a lot easier. Inventory on Demand™ helps you balance your inventory levels with customer demand so you're never overstocked with products that you don't need. Our outsourced inventory ownership means you can buy in bulk, strategically sourcing your goods and letting Morgan own and manage them until they’re needed. When customer demand rises, you'll already have the inventory you need to match it.

But Morgan's help doesn't stop there. If your carrier prices are increasing due to slower demand, we can design transportation that works best for you based on your unique network. Morgan works with you to create a strategy that leverages your existing suppliers and collaborates with trusted third-party partners to prepare you for any demand shift. Creating a custom-tailored network of carriers that fit your budget and services keeps your business agile when customer demand fluctuates. 

If you want a strategic partner in your corner, reach out to us today. We'll give you full visibility into your inventory management and start saving your bottom line.

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