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Morgan’s Commitment to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health and Safety

Manufacturers of critical goods worldwide depend on Morgan to deliver for them every day.

Manufacturers of critical goods worldwide depend on Morgan to deliver for them every day. We take this responsibility seriously, along with our commitment to maintain health and safety for our workers and customers.

To ensure that we keep these commitments, we have taken several steps during this time of global viral pandemic.

In all its operations, Morgan is following the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus. We have issued written guidelines to all employees consistent with these guidelines, including:


• Work from home where possible for all staff


• Travel restrictions for all non-essential business activities and the implementation of online meetings where appropriate


• Regular cleaning / disinfecting of our facilities and equipment


• Reminders to staff about proper, frequent hand washing protocols


• Requirement that all staff remain at home if they feel sick and immediately report any COVID-19 symptoms to Morgan and their doctor.


Because our customers provide goods that are vital to US national interests and infrastructure, as well as specific materials used in America’s virus response, we have worked with government agencies to maintain our transportation operations under “essential services” provisions of quarantine restrictions.


Some changes to standard operations during this time include:


• All shipments will be verified and documentation checked by our driver prior to arriving at the customer site. Any exceptions or damages will be noted per standard procedures.


• At the customer site, we have established processes to exchange paperwork without direct physical contact.


• If customers unload goods from a truck, our driver will wait in the cab of the vehicle during this activity.


• Strict social distancing will be maintained at all times.


• Proof of delivery will be entered by our drivers into Morgan’s mobile delivery app. The consignee’s name will be typed in lieu of signature to avoid more than one person handling screens and devices.


• Drivers will sanitize hands and equipment between all stops and additionally as needed.


• For carriers picking up freight at Morgan facilities, all freight will be loaded by Morgan staff. Third parties will not be allowed to use Morgan equipment or to be admitted into Morgan facilities.


• All of these procedures will be audited by operations management to ensure uniform compliance.


A frequently asked question for our industry is whether shipments are okay to handle. According to the World Health Organization, the answer is yes. It’s safe to handle packages, even if they come from places where the COVID-19 virus has been reported.


As situations are rapidly changing, Morgan has created an emergency response team to maintain continued compliance with all government guidelines and to ensure operational continuity for our customers.


Morgan values its customer relationships and recognizes our critical role in maintaining the flow of vital goods during these unprecedented business conditions. We will update this page with new information as we continue to respond to any changes.


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