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D.W. Morgan Company today announced it was the recipient of the Cisco 2020 “Excellence in Partner IT” award.

CARSON CITY, NEV., OCTOBER 6, 2020—D.W. Morgan Company today announced it was the recipient of the Cisco 2020 “Excellence in Partner IT” award. Cisco unveiled the award winners at its annual Supplier Appreciation Event (SAE). For the first time in 29 years, the SAE was virtual and aired on Cisco TV on September 23, 2020.

This award recognizes Morgan for demonstrating the highest level of IT alignment on strategic programs, processes or initiatives that leverage collaborative technologies and solutions in Supply Chain.

“This year’s theme, ‘Together We Connect The World,’ highlights the critical role that Cisco’s supply chain plays in enabling collaboration and proximity among people and businesses in today’s environment,” said Mike Coubrough, senior vice president, Global Manufacturing and Logistics, Cisco. “Delivering Cisco’s incredible technology at speed and scale requires excellence at every level of our supply chain, both from individual suppliers and partners, and across the cohesive, end-to-end network. We continue to see the incredible agility and responsiveness of our suppliers and partners, and welcome this annual opportunity to recognize and appreciate their contributions at Cisco.”

At the event, Cisco celebrated the collective achievements and contributions of its most strategic supply chain partners, and recognized the suppliers and partners that executed exceptionally well across the supply chain.

About D.W. Morgan Company

D.W. Morgan Company transforms supply chains from the ground up for the world’s leading manufacturers and their partners. Drawing on its experience in ground transportation, the company uses analytics, technology, operational excellence and third-party management to deliver improvements to core, ground networks and all the other aspects of the supply chain affected by these operations. As a result, clients experience dramatically higher quality and availability, as well as lower costs. Morgan also pioneered outsourced inventory ownership with its Inventory On Demand™ service. To learn more about Morgan’s products and services, please visit


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