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On Demand News: 05/09/19

OnDemand Supply Chain News - Gartner Goes Electric: Top thought leadership conference seeks to align digital and physical supply chain strategies.

Gartner Goes Electric

09 May, 2019 // As we recently noted, Gartner’s annual Supply Chain Executive Conference convenes next week in Phoenix with a theme that’s music to our ears. 

We’ll see if “A New Era: Converging the Physical and Digital Supply Chains” makes it past the buzzword bingo to real-world strategies. At Morgan, we have long experienced the gaps between physical processes and digital reporting—and we have helped some of Gartner’s top rated manufacturing supply chains better align multi-party information with operations.

Below are some of the sessions to which Morgan’s on-site team will be paying close attention. If you’re attending the Gartner conference and would like to meet up, send us a message. We’d love to compare notes and hear about your own supply chain transformation challenges—digital, physical or otherwise.

Supply Chain Transformation in a New Era

Gartner Sr. Director Analyst KC Quah outlines a framework for digital transformation, with examples from actual practice.

Designing a Supply Chain to Support an Evolving Industry: The Challenge of Modern Healthcare

In our work with life science and health care clients, we’re only too aware of the obstacles to reform and change in health industry supply chains. Gartner Sr. Director Analyst Stephen Meyer will review trends and potential actions for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Supply Chain Priorities to Maximize Value in Manufacturing Industries

Michael Burkett, a Gartner Distinguished VP Analyst, assesses the competing goals of optimization: Cost leadership versus customer service differentiation. 

A New Era — Converging Physical and Digital Supply Chains

The conference keynote, hosted by Gartner analysts Amber Salley and James Lisica, looks in depth at supply chains that have reconciled physical processes with digital strategies.

Supply Chain Strategy in the Digital Age

How supply chain strategy and digital strategy can drive business strategy, as seen by Gartner Sr. Director Analyst Thomas O’Connor. 

Gartner's Top Supply Chain Cost-Optimization Opportunities in Logistics and Fulfillment

One of our favorite Gartner thinkers, VP Greg Aimi, examines the subtle difference between cost optimization and cost cutting. Aimi separates initiatives into “operate better,” “reconfigure” and “transform” categories and examines the benefits and complexities of each type.

Designing the Supply Chain Organization in a Digital World

Pierfrancesco Manenti, a VP analyst at Gartner, attempts to free digitization from organizational silos in support of end-to-end, whole-process business processes.

Maybe Gartner Sr. Director Analyst James Lisica should have scheduled his session on “How to Define, Develop and Deploy Your Digital Logistics Strategy” for the beginning of the conference instead of the last day. Regardless, we’ll be eager to hear his advice for defining and developing a digital strategy that’s aligned with operations and business goals.




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