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[Supply Chain News]: The Power of Negative Thinking

 In an episode of her podcast, The Happiness Lab, Yale psychology researcher Dr. Laurie Santos encourages listeners to reconsider the supposed “power of positive thinking.”  There’s a long-held idea that we can will ourselves to success with the right attitude—most famously in Norman Vincent Peale’s book of the

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[Supply Chain News]: The Q-tip Strategy for Supply Chains

Leave it to our contrarian investment friends at Chenmark Capital Management to find a lesson for innovators in plain sight on the bathroom counter. Recently, they republished a post about the Q-tips paradox. It goes like this: In the near century since Leo Gerstenzang invented the ready-to-use cotton swab

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[Supply Chain News]: Visibility Issues Come To A Head

For several years, visibility and its associated technologies have been at the top of Gartner’s “User Wants and Needs” and “Gartner Predicts” surveys.  In the current time of COVID-disrupted supply chains, those “wants and needs” have gotten a lot less theoretical and a lot more real. With

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