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Seeing is believing. That’s why Morgan has invested in proprietary and best-in-class technology to help clients track their goods in real time. Morgan tracks trucks, drivers, trailers—even the cargo itself, throughout the world. Customers review relevant data, track freight via online maps, subscribe to updates, and even see signatures and live photos of their goods.

Morgan’s integration capabilities, from cutting-edge XML-based web services to traditional electronic data interchange (EDI), make it easy to share information with customer and third-party systems.

Morgan built its proprietary ChainLinq system from the ground up–with maximum integration and flexibility in mind. A robust set of web services provides for fast integration with a variety of other systems. The resulting suite, served securely over the Internet enables Morgan staff across the world to collaborate in real time.

In addition, Morgan leverages Apple’s iPhone to communicate real-time shipment tracking reports and recipient signatures to its global customer base. The iPhone application communicates directly with the main ChainLinq transportation management system and inventory-management applications.